October 27th

It's that time of year again! Dig out and dust off your runners and sports bras. It’s time to pound the pavements in preparation for the Dublin Marathon.runners

Are you a beginner or avid runner? Either way, you can finish a marathon. Learning some of the basics tips we have pulled together below will help you get started.

Before you commence your marathon training, you should be able to run approximately 30 minutes without stopping.

We found it highly effective to have a running buddy to motivate you to get out and train on those cold and wet days!
A combination of running and walking is a great way to start training

Pasta is EVERY runners' preferred and staple food. It's an ideal starchy carbohydrate that refuells you after your run and gives you an unprocessed,
slow-release of energy.

Allow yourself a two to three hour gap between eating and running

Never, ever increase speed and distance by 10% in one week

Try to drink a glucose energy replacement drink within 15 minutes of exercising as this is the optimum time when your muscles are most receptive to restocking fuel

Set aside 10-15 minutes before your training to complete your warm up - you will be grateful afterwards! 

bananasBananas are ideal for refuelling rapidly

Ensure you always cool down after a session to aid your body's recovery water

Oily fish contain Omega 3 fats which are invaluable for all runners

On the Day of the Marathon:

One of the most efficient ways of keeping your energy levels topped up is to carry a couple of energy gels on you
Ensure to start your run slowly and build from there. This process gets your muscles ready for longer distances and can help you avoid injury later on in the marathon.

Maintain pace to save everything you have left for THE BIG FINISH!

Finishing a marathon is an incredible accomplishment that less than 1% of people in the world can say they have achieved.

Hope to see you there!

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