For some people Valentine’s Day involves a box of chocolates and if they are extremely lucky a bottle of red wine, red being for love “Obviously!” However for most people it is a little bit more than that. For women it is either an opportunity to tell all their friends how wonderful their significant other is, or an opportunity to do the exact opposite. For men it is more unwelcome pressure of having to think of something romantic to do, and just after the pressure of Christmas has subsided! Men of Wicklow do not worry, we have done all the research and leg work so just sit back, relax and chose your romantic date from the following list.
1. Avondale House & Forest Park

Avondale House

You can begin your day with tea and cakes in the grounds of the plush and lavish Avondale House. Parking is only €5 so you can leave your chariot and walk hand in hand with your better half through the stunning forests and grounds of Avondale House. Unfortunately it may be too cold to bring a picnic, but our suggestion is to have a nice flask of warm coffee prepared. Nothing more thoughtful than someone handing you a beautiful cup of warm coffee in a forest on a cold winter’s day. When you have finished taking in the breath-taking sites either Wicklow or Bray are only a short drive away. There are lots of restaurants and in Bray where you can wine and dine and whisper sweet nothings to each other. The renowned Breakers Seaview Restaurant located in the Esplanade Hotel Bray have a delicious A La Carte menu for just €30.00 pp.
Mermaids Arts Centre

Show off your cultural side with a trip to the fantastic Wicklow Arts Centre. The Sheevawn Musical Youth Theatre Juniors are bringing the world famous Annie to the stage. This show is full of energy and fun and you are sure to leave the theatre all excited and ready for the rest of your evening! The theatre is situated on Bray’s main street leaving the Culture Vultures with a wide choice of bars and clubs.
Sharks In The Water!
We have all been on a date to see a scary movie and have always been happy to wrap a protective arm around our date when the film got a little too scary. Well not even Martin Scorsese can make a movie scarier than coming face to face with a shark. With the sharks at the National Sealife in Bray there will be plenty of opportunities to act protective and brave. This day of excitement can only be concluded one way, that is with a wonderful meal for two, sparkling wine, chocolate dipped strawberries, a wonderful night in a hotel and a big Irish fry the next morning. This is all available at the excellent price of €75.00 per person at the Esplanade Hotel in Bray.
Feeding the Swans in Bray Harbour

Wicklow Swan
Here is an opportunity to show your caring and nurturing side by feeding the swans in Bray Harbour. What could be a better way to end a romantic walk along Bray promenade? Remember that if a swan feels frightened or provoked they may attack, you do not want to be attacked by a big bird on Valentine’s Day, you will not look in any way cool!
A Round of Golf

Yes you read that correctly! Valentine ’s Day can be a day for men too. There is no bigger treat for a true Wicklow man than a round of golf followed immediately by an enormous stake and a pint of Guinness. Bray is a famous golfing town so there are lots of courses to choose from to suit any skill level.